We are NYX
First decentralised cryptocurrency and token access recovery solution
Pre-sale in progress
78.467 ETH
78467 NYX
1 400 ETH
1 400 000 NYX
This is a profile of a person that we are willing to recognise in each of our investors:
  • You invest because you believe that people need decentralized authorization
  • You are ready to use the product with such capabilities yourself
  • You are ready to support and promote using token-based access recovery
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We are
Co-Founder, visionary
  • Delivered several government projects with military level security
  • Neural networks expert. Solidity and Ethereum involved professional
  • Strong product development background (tens commercial B2B projects)
  • Functional programming and formal verification enthusiast
Co-Founder, CTO
smart-contract developer
DevOps, security expert
Mobile app developer, AI
AI identification team
What is NYX?
2-minutes explanation on how
it works from the founders
Why do I need this?
Users lose access to their wallet by forgetting passphrases or private keys. Besides some wallets provide centralized “password restore” which is not safe by definition there is no solution to get your money back from a wallet (address). Similar problem goes for hardware (cold) wallets, which can be physically damaged.
Decentralized crypto assets access recovery solution which includes neural network logic dAPP implemented to identify owner of crypto account and Schelling point consensus from participants. NYX provides you with up to 4 ways of recovering access to your crypto assets. You’ll be able safely regain access to your money even when private keys and passwords are lost without lowering the security.

A: They solve different problems.

  • Multisig wallets disallow spending money by one of owning addresses. This means that if the wallet has 3 owners, and if one of the owners has lost their key / password, the money can be frozen forever, even if the other two owners still have keys and passwords.
  • NYX, on the contrary, allows you to withdraw money from the account, even if the owner has lost his key / password. NYX ensures that the account holder will get a chance to regain access to money, even if he has lost everything.

A: NYX is a solution which aims to be wallet agnostic. We will intagrate with popular wallets to make recovery capabilities convinient

A: Our neural network is used in top Russian banks and has around 10-7 false positive rate which is lower than human interaction methods (with ID or photos). Besides neural network having several mechanisms to detect fraud, authorizers will have several ways to qualify person as real:

  • in case of twins there will be flags indicating this, which will require, for example, both siblings present;
  • silicon masking fraud is prevented by analysing the iris structure allowing authorizers to compare with original;
  • There are specific 3D-imagery detection features in the neural network. Random gesture movements will be requested.

A: It will use Schelling point based consensus of multiple users and will include a neural network dAPP which will prevent bias and human errors.

A: Schelling point is a game theory solution which pushes people to make non-biased decision by not giving them information of what other participants decision on a subject is. The system based around reward which is given only to those participants which decision doesn’t differ from the average

A: Smart-contract will be formally verified. This will guarantee that you can always access your account with conventional methods and decentralised identification features do not lower security or block access

A: During access recovery owner will be demanded to pronounce random words and both his face movements and audio will be analyzed, which will guarantee a unique footage

2018 Q1
2018 Q3
on going
2018 Q4
2019 Q1
2020 Q2—Q3
Investments distribution
Product development
  • Developing mobile and desktop NYX clients
  • NYX smart contract developing
  • Integration of NYX with popular wallets
  • Developing decentralized dApp for owner identification
  • Closed and open testing for vulnerabilities and bugs in the codebase, formal verification
  • Technical partnership with best companies involved in the field of face recognition game theory practices
and marketing

World’s markets are overcrowded, even relatively young market like blockchain. That’s why we plan to spend up to 35% of the investments to reach maximum amount of end users possible. We plan to make NYX a standard infrastructural thing. This will make the price of NYX tokens rise, because Ethereum user base is already growing explosively


10% of funds will be reserved to deal with problems, which are not expected at the moment. These could be labor market problems, legal issues, claims from third parties and other issues of this kind.

and Development

5% will be used to make NYX users and investors support as transparent as possible. For this purpose separate team will be formed. This will include publicly available roadmaps and agile boards, social network channels, real-time online events and so on - to provide each and every question with the answer.

and Community

And last but not least, last 5% will be used to investigate opportunities and challenges in blockchain. This process will be transparent as well and will ensure NYX to be one step ahead of all it’s competitors.

About NYX token

Based on etherscan.io data for 2017 Q3-Q4, number of unique accounts in Ethereum will increase at last 6 times to 90 000 000 in 2018. Statistically 17% accounts are lost as a result of corresponding data loss (i.e. keys, passwords). 17% - 15.3 mln accounts (at least) will be lost in 2018. Let’s assume, that NYX, as the only possible solution for now, will handle the task to take the market share in amount of 7.5% of all new ethereum accounts in 2018. This results in total number of NYX accounts of 7.5% of 90 mln = 6 700 000 accounts. 17% of users will lose access to their Managing accounts, thus requiring NYX tokens to restore access to their funds. This is about 1 mln accounts. To recover access to 1mln accounts there will be demand of about 80 mln tokens, while the maximum available to the public sale is 12 mln. At price of 80 NYX (20-30 confirmations) for a single access recovery request there’s 6 times lack of NYX tokens on the market which will increase the demand. It will be flexible though, likewise the miner’s fee you can spend smaller amount of tokens but wait longer.

This is the factor for growing NYX price when using NYX as utility token but it’s also a unit of capitalization of NYX company as well. In this aspect its price will grow along with NYX’s popularity and usability.

We hope these preliminary calculations will help you make right decision. Keep in mind that our primary goal is to create a small economy which will help people deal with a serious problem rather than just to accumulate empty token’s price growth.